Analyst, Corporate Finance

Company Background

Tessa Therapeutics is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on the development of autologous and off-the-shelf, allogeneic therapies targeting solid tumors. Tessa’s Virus-Specific T cell (VST) platform harnesses the body’s potent anti-viral immune response and has shown compelling results in the treatment of solid tumors.

Tessa is building a portfolio of innovative, next-generation therapies by combining the qualities of VSTs with other immuno-oncology technologies. This includes a rapidly growing pipeline of clinical and pre-clinical autologous programs that target a wide range of cancers, including nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cervical cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, as well as head and neck cancer. In addition, Tessa is leveraging its platform to develop an allogeneic therapy to address Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated lymphomas.

Tessa has built up robust operational and supply chain capabilities to successfully deliver T cell therapy treatments to a large patient pool worldwide. Together with the Company’s academic, clinical, and commercial research partners, Tessa has created a fully-integrated approach to the treatment of cancer with immunotherapy.

Our mission is to cure cancers and save lives with our innovative and widely accessible immunotherapies. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are interested to be part of our team.

Job Position
Analyst, Corporate Finance

Reports To
Associate Director, Corporate Finance


This role will provide direct support to the CFO’s Office for all corporate finance and investor relations initiatives, with responsibility for aiding ongoing financing initiatives and managing board and shareholder relations. Members of the team will contribute to a range of initiatives:

  • Create and maintain long term forecast for key revenue and cost drivers of the business. Maintain company financial model, using various valuation methodologies
  • Provide support to company leadership on an ongoing basis with competitive intelligence, peer benchmarking and deal flow tracking
  • Work with Commercial team to evaluate competitive landscape, market access and revenue forecast for Tessa’s lead therapies
  • Support company leadership in building long term rapport with shareholders, investors and analysts. Maintain news-flow to keep stakeholders updated on company progress
  • Work with all business units and leadership to create comprehensive update materials for Board and Committee meetings every quarter
  • As part of CFO’s office, work on long term funding plan for the business and build readiness for public listing
  • In coordination with banking advisors, manage investor outreach process for funding initiatives, including preparation of investor materials, road-show scheduling and logistics
  • Collaborating with functional teams and acting as the internal cross-functional liaison to address investor queries and data requests on an ongoing basis. Manage company data room with banking advisors

Key Benefits:

  • Ideally suited for high-performing young professionals early in their career, the corporate finance team enables direct exposure to the executive management team, working alongside talented, committed, and supportive teammates.
  • Due to Tessa’s entrepreneurial culture, members of the team are encouraged to explore learn across functions and explore their interests.
  • The skill set and knowledge gained can be applied to Corporate finance/ strategy and Investors Relations roles across industries.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Engineering, or Business
  • An MBA, Masters in Finance or CFA certification is an asset
  • 1-2 years of experience in Corporate Finance/ Strategy, Investor Relations, Investment Banking advisory or FP&A
  • Proficiency in financial modelling, forecasting and valuation methodologies
  • General adeptness at Microsoft excel and powerpoint
  • High motivation, strong work ethic, maturity, and personal initiative
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Empathy, adaptability, and emotional intelligence
  • Strong attention to detail, with a quality-focused mindset
  • High level of intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Self-discipline for planning and organizing tasks
  • Aptitude for, and enjoyment of, working in teams
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to interact professionally representing Tessa Therapeutics