Tessa Therapeutics, in collaboration with our research partners, presented two sets of results at the 2019 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting

Date: 9 November 2019 

For the first poster (left), Tessa’s CMO, Dr Han Chong Toh, together with Dr Timothy Shuen, first author and presenter from National Cancer Centre Singapore – presented preliminary data generated from a completed Phase 2 trial patient plasma samples and individual Epstein Barr Virus Specific T cells (EBVSTs). The research potentially identifies a specific subset of the EBVSTs that is associated with improving survival outcome for Nasopharyngeal Cancer patients. The cutting-edge technology employed can potentially manufacture a selectively ‘fitter’ and more effective T cells for cancer immunotherapy.

Tessa’s Teo Pei Yun, Ph.D., a Visiting Scientist at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), presented the second poster (right) with data demonstrating methods that could potentially increase the potency and success rate for HPV-specific T cells (HPVSTs) manufacturing. HPVSTs are potent eliminators of HPV-associated cancers and HPVSTs exist in blood like needles in the haystack. “We found a simple, GMP compliant method to enrich HPVSTs for a more effective cancer immunotherapy treatment,” said Dr Teo. The research study was completed in collaboration with BCM.