Our Vision

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“We will cure cancers and save lives with our innovative and
widely accessible immunotherapies.”

Cure Cancer

Our Virus-Specific T Cell (VST) technology has demonstrated early clinical success in treating solid tumors. We are currently enhancing the reach and efficacy of this core platform by combining it with antibodies, CAR-T receptors and oncolytic virus technologies. Together with our research partners, we are rationally designing our treatments to elicit the body’s natural anti-viral immune response against specific cancer targets.

Transform Lives

Our VST treatment shows low toxicity, high efficacy and strong persistence. We believe this will offer patients strong survival benefits and good quality of life.

We leverage on our experience in conducting the world’s first and largest T Cell therapy cancer trial, and strive to continually improve on our manufacturing and global supply chain expertise. Our aim is to make immunotherapy widely accessible to patients who need it.