Baylor College of Medicine partnership extended to include development of novel combination therapies to treat liver and lung cancers.

Baylor Medical College, Houston, Texas (Baylor) is a leading pioneer in the development of Virus-Specific T Cell technology for the treatment of cancers.  In October 2016, Tessa Therapeutics further cemented its research partnership with Baylor by signing a co-development agreement to develop novel combination therapeutics for liver cancer and lung cancer by combining CAR-T Cell and Virus-Specific T Cell technologies. Tessa Therapeutics has exclusive rights to license all IP generated under the Co-Development Program, which will initially focus on pre-clinical development of at least two therapeutic candidates for both liver, and lung cancer, followed by early stage clinical evaluation.

Strategic alliance with National Cancer Centre Singapore to facilitate large scale clinical trials and commercialization of immunotherapy cancer treatments

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) was established in 1999 to further enhance the country’s position as a preeminent center for cancer research, education and treatment in Asia Pacific. In July 2014, NCCS and Tessa Therapeutics entered into a research collaboration in the field of cellular therapy.

In June 2016, NCCS and Tessa Therapeutics expanded their research partnership with the formation of a broad strategic alliance. The alliance encompasses research, large-scale clinical trials and the development of world leading GMP manufacturing to facilitate the development, evaluation and commercialization of immune-oncology treatments for a wide range of cancers. NCCS has granted Tessa Therapeutics exclusive rights to license and commercialize all cancer immunotherapy products and technologies arising from NCCS’ immunotherapy research.  NCCS is also a strategic shareholder in Tessa Therapeutics.

Acquisition of oncology antibody company EuChloe Bio provides Tessa Therapeutics with additional and complementary capabilities to extend its core technologies to treat a broad range of cancers

 EuChloe Bio (EuChloe) is a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery and engineering of humanized monoclonal antibodies. With this acquisition, Tessa Therapeutics now possesses a pipeline of novel antibodies that are able to enhance and widen the application of its cellular immunotherapies to treat a broader range of cancer indications.