Redirecting the body’s natural anti-viral immune response towards cancer

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T Cell Therapy Treatment:
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About Tessa Therapeutics

Tessa Therapeutics is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on the development of autologous and off-the-shelf, allogeneic therapies for cancer patients.

Our Virus-Specific T cell (VST) platform harnesses the body’s potent anti-viral immune response and has shown compelling results in the treatment of solid tumors.

We are building a portfolio of innovative, next-generation therapies which combine the qualities of VSTs with other immuno-oncology technologies.

Our robust operational and supply chain capabilities enable us to successfully deliver T cell therapy treatments to a large patient pool worldwide. Together with our academic, clinical, and commercial research partners, we have created a fully-integrated approach to the treatment of cancer with immunotherapy.

~ 200 Employees

5 Pipeline Assets

>99% Production Success Rate

Delivering Cell Products Across 5 Countries

5 Strategic Partnerships

Hub-and-Spoke Blood Processing Laboratories

Technical Operations Facility

Upcoming GMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility

Our Science

The immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment presents significant obstacles to the treatment of solid tumors with immunotherapy. Our Virus-Specific T cell (VST) technology overcomes these barriers and has shown promising clinical success.

Our Pipeline

We have a rapidly growing pipeline of autologous and allogenic therapies targeting multiple cancer indications. These innovative, next-generation therapies combine the qualities of VSTs with other immuno-oncology technologies.

Patients First

We are committed to working towards a vision of a world without untreatable cancers. We are constantly advancing our understanding of the body’s immune system to design next-generation VST therapies which demonstrate persistence, durability, and tumor penetration with minimal side effects for patients.

Tessa on Twitter

1 week ago
We are excited to be collaborating with @MSDInvents to evaluate the combination of KEYTRUDA® with our Virus-Specific T Cell therapy for patients with cervical cancer. More details here: #VST #cervicalcancer
2 weeks ago
We’re excited to share the first interview from the series ‘In Pursuit of Cancer Cure: Conversations with Immunotherapy Advocates’. Our CSO, John Connolly @hotirishmonkey speaks with Dr Malcolm Brenner about the promising areas of #celltherapy. View video:

Tessa’s Media Channel

CNBC Anchor, Nancy Hungerford speaks with Tessa’s CFO, Desmond Lim about the Company’s future plans and the promise of Virus-Specific T Cell (VST) cancer immunotherapy.